notetaker using Notability highlighter and pen ink on an iPad handwritten bicycle diagram note on iPad text and handwritten note on iPhone while commuting iPad with handwritten note showing bicycle rack plans

Fall in love with note taking

Capture your thoughts.

Combine handwriting, photos and typing to bring your projects to life.

Add as much detail as you like with a variety of colors and fonts.

screenshot of iPad handwritten brainstorm note for bike stand ideas

Explore ideas.

Prototype with your hands. Experiment with different tools to create beautiful, hand-crafted notes.

From first to final draft: scale, rotate, recolor, and repeat.

Finalize the details.

Zoom in on the specifics, or focus on the big picture.

Now you are ready to share great ideas with Google Drive, AirDrop, Email and Dropbox.

screenshot of typed iPad diagram note with bicyle rack dimensions

Get perspective.

Receive verbal and written comments from your team.

Review audio comments that are linked to written feedback on your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

All your notes, one place.

At home, in the office, or on the road, your notes are always with you, thanks to iCloud.

Macbook iPad iPhone displaying the same iCloud synced note

“We rely on this sleek powerful note-taker to annotate documents, record lectures, sketch illustrations, and more.”

- Apple ®